How to Be Taken Seriously in A Work Meeting

Work meetings can be tough and with so many strong characters in the room it can be hard to get your voice to be heard, but unfortunately if you fade into the background, you are at risk of not being taken seriously and people think that you do not have great ideas. So, something has to change, and this post will give you some great pointers about how you can step up in your next work meeting.


Be Prepared

There is nothing more professional or important than coming to a work meeting with a notebook full of ideas and notes that are specifically about the meeting. Having these with you ensures that you are not fumbling in the meeting, and you know exactly what you are talking about instead of just sitting quietly listening to everyone else who is taking the floor. Plus, you can have the advantage of noting down some new ideas and key points to bring up in the meeting and impress all of your superiors.


Dress Smart

It is important to look the part when you are attending a meeting so that people know that you mean business and that you are taking it seriously. If you walk in with creased clothes, coffee stains down your shirt, and untied shoelaces then people are going to think that you don’t care and then no one is going to want your opinion. My best advice would be to bring a spare shirt and wear freshly ironed or pressed clothes on the day your meeting is taking place and then you should not disappoint.


Body Language

If you use closed body language and have your arms crossed or tapping your pen on the table then it is going to look like you are disinterested and do not want to be there. The best way to be is keep your body open get rid of all distraction and write down important information to show them that you are listening to what is going on and you are keen on remembering and learning from this meeting.


Be Confident

No matter what you are doing in the meeting whether you are asking questions, giving suggestions, or being asked to answer something you need to be extremely confident in what you are saying. If you are fumbling over your words or hesitate then people are going to think that you do not know what you are talking about and will be less inclined to use your opinion. The ways to be confident are to show eye contact, think before you speak, and always be prepared so that you can never be caught off guard and will therefore be able to formulate an opinion properly.



Bosses love it if you are thinking for yourself and thinking on your feet, you need to always be thinking two steps forward instead of staying in the present. Businesses move very quickly, and they like it if their employees are also thinking this fast, to ensure that you are moving alongside the business instead of behind. You will gain so many extra brownie points from doing this.


Work meetings are an essential and important part of work, and they are a way for everyone to communicate and come up with great ideas for the next phase of a project or business. This is also the best opportunity to show your place in the business and why you are a valuable employee, so make sure that you are constantly listening and aware of your surrounding because you never know when that golden opportunity will arise.